Rafnar and their extraordinary hull

Rafnar's hull has been developed to ensure seakeeping and seaworthiness in the most extreme marine environments.  A product of the harshest conditions of the North Atlantic Rafnar provides mariners with endurance and comfort in crafts that are practically impossible to make unsafe. 

Rafnar began as a research and technology company to develop the Rafnar Hull, a ten year process  from 2005 to 2015.
Rafnar has since patented their unique hull and keel shape under the Rafnar brand name.

Development of Rafnar vessels relied heavily on collaboration with the Icelandic Coast Guard and Icelandic Search & Rescue Association, who have since acquired Rafnar vessels, but Rafnar's initial crafts were designed and developed for tactical purposes and search and rescue.  
Now Rafnar caters to the leisure market too.

High-speed crafts aggressively slam when they hit waves.
Wave slamming reduces operational performance and can have damaging effects on operators and crew, where the forces produced can cause intense shocks that injure crew and passengers along with causing damage to crafts structures and expensive equipment.  A study by the US Naval Health Research Centre found that 65% of US Navy operators have suffered injuries onboard high-speed crafts.

Evidence for Performance

An independent study conducted by the University of Iceland compared Rafnar craft versus comparable, deep-v planing hull craft.  The study measured impacts from wave slamming in terms of Whole Body Vibrations (Directive 2002/44/EC).  Results showed that the Rafnar craft reduced the impacts of slamming by up to 20-fold.  

Key Benefits of the Rafnar Hull

> Smooth and comfortable due to limited wave slamming

> Reduced risk of injury, lower crew and passenger fatigue and         related medical, disability and other costs
> Reduced mechanical & equipment fatigue, and lower     maintenance, renewal, and insurance related costs
> Precision performance without compromising speed
> Immediate handling response with zero hooking or sliding

> No wake created behind vessel, resulting in less water disturbance

> High stability and balance when idle and at speed

> High payload capacity without compromising speed.

The Rafbar Hull is scalable in size.  Designs have been made for crafts ranging up to 38m in length.


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Development of the Rafnar Hull
The Problem
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