Due to our unique background that sits within the leisure yacht and commercial maritime sectors TB Maritime has forged an unusual business alliance with which to service cruising yachts, superyachts, commercial shipping and their insurers with a specialist range of high end telemedicine services, medical kits, pharmaceuticals and equipment.

What is telemedicine?
In it's most basic form, telemedicine is a doctor on the phone.

TB Maritime was a founding consulting agent of ClipperTelemed+ (Powered by PRAXES Medical Group).
Created to provide a bank of doctors on the phone 24/7 from any location globally.
Call ClipperTelemed+ anytime for any reason.  Call for minor incidents or for advice during a major incident.
Our physicians have enormous experience in calmly managing any medical incident within the maritime domain.

ClipperTelemed+ is a simple subscription service that provides best in class telemedicine at extremely cost effective prices.
If you are in a remote location or are unsure of the quality of local medical care or simply cannot afford to come to shore or divert your vessel you need ClipperTelemed+

Contact us now for more information about telemedicine:-
Telephone: +44(0)7724 504565


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