Rafnar Leiftur - 1100

Rafnar's Leiftur 1100 is a third-generation tactical RIB that has been thoroughly tested and developed in close co-operation with the Icelandic Coast Guard who carried out extensive sea trials that played a critical role in the successful development of the vessel.  
This 11 metre craft has been designed to operate safely and comfortably in the worst weather and sea conditions.  The craft's documented reliability and safety underline the OK Hull design's proven capabilities.

During the final development phase, the Icelandic Coast Guard sailed a prototype of the craft some 3,000 nautical miles around Iceland.  The specially designed and crafted OK Hull cleanly cuts through sea and waves, resulting in significantly improved sea keeping and manoeuvrability, as well as a safer and more comfortable ride for the crew.  
The OK Hull design generates greater grip and traction at both low and high speed, and slices through sea and waves. 

The unique keel prevents drift and eliminates the typical bounce and slam experienced in conventional craft.


"...I have sailed many different brands of boats, eg Zodiak, Avon, Springer, Aron and Parker.  When it comes to seakeeping, comparing those boats to Leiftur 1100 is like comparing apples to potatoes."

Sigurdur Asgrimsson
Head of Special OPerations and Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Icelandic Coast Guard.

"We are convinced... we have yet to test another boat in this class and size that compares to the Leiftur 1100's seaworthiness."

Lt. Jonas K. Torvaldsson
Chief Diver - Special Operations and Bomb Disposal Unit, Icelandic Coast Guard

"The boat treats the crew on board extremely well.  On longer trips, the crew can be well rested and ready for action full of energy when the destination and assignment is reached."

Heimir Sigurdur Haraldsson
Chairman of the Boating Team,
Scout SAR Association in Kopavogur, Iceland

"...in 4-5m waves... the boat was vert stable... you could easily stand on deck and not hold on... it would be impossible to make unsafe"

Lars Giersing
Visar Action Representative,
Virgin Gorda,
Virgin Islands Search & Rescue

Technical Specifications


Length Overall:                   11.00m
Beam Overall:                     3.20m
Draught:                              0.55m
Light Ship:                           3,800Kg

Max Speed:                         40 - 50 knots

Cruising Speed:                  30 knots

Fuel Capacity:                     2 x 300 litres

Engines:                              500 to 800 Hp

Range @ Cruising Speed:   230 nm
Classification:                      Lloyds Registered
                                            Special Service Craft


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