Rafnar - Larger Craft

The OK Hull is way more than a concept.  Now a proven design with Flengur 850 and Leiftur 1100 models setting the new standard for high speed craft.

The Nokkvi 1500 is stepping to the fore as the next model in the armoury, but beyond this the team at Rafnar have conceptual designs for some truly amazing vessels.

All operating on the incredible OK hull the design capability is proven to extend to 38m and we welcome enquiries from any serious parties to explore building perhaps the finest riding and finest handling mid size superyacht or large tactical craft afloat in the world today.

Contact us now to hear more about the astounding opportunities for craft up to 38m load line length:-
Telephone:    +44(0)7724 504565
Email:            sales@tbmaritime.com


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