What's extraordinary?
The hull!


Rafnar is the brain child of Ossur Kristinsson.  A passionate boater, Ossur recognised that high performance boats were often limited by ride comfort in anything other than fine weather.

In 2005 Ossur began to develop a revolutionary new hull concept that once understood by experienced boating professionals had the potential to change the high speed boating world.

The Rafnar hull was developed from 2005 to 2015 in conjunction with Iceland's Coast Guard and Search & Rescue services. 

Independently tested and proven to reduce slamming alongside a like for like typical planing hull boat by x20 the improvement in ride comfort has to be experienced.  Never before have crew been able to operate at sustained high speeds in the harshest of conditions for such extended periods.

Crew and vessel return time and time again from extreme conditions fresh and ready to operate to their fullest.

In 2015 the first two models were released for sale and both service providers immediately became clients.


The first two models from the Rafnar stable are the Flengur 850 and the Leiftur 1100.
Rather unsurprisingly these two boats initially carried designs that would suit SAR, Commercial and Military projects, but it has quickly become apparent that the incredible OK hull also perfectly suits the ultra high end leisure and superyacht tender markets.

The OK hull is uniquely scalable with CAD designs showing the hulls incredible capabilities out to 38m loa.

The latest version, the Nokkvi 1500 a 15m SAR vessel design is close to completion having been commissioned by ICEsar to replace their existing Arun Class SAR fleet.  The new design is being funded by Icelands Government.

Incredible ride comfort in the harshest of sea conditions.
Supreme handling at any speed.

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Rafnar are now built in the UK by Rafnar UK.

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