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The V BOAT Smart Battery Box is there to make your life easier!

Perfect for boating, caming, fishing or for anywhere that portable power is needed.

Your standard 12V leisure or car battery simply drops in the box and you attach the terminals provided to the + and - connections on the battery.
Pop the lid on and strap it down and it's ready to use.

1) Primary terminals for connecting to your outboard engine starter or, if camping or out and about, any other heavy duty / high current 12V connection.

2) Have access to 2x 12V Cigarette Lighter style sockets for powering 12v equipment such as fishfinders, or pumps.

3) Also included is 1x 1A and 1x 2.1A 5V USB sockets for phones, laptops and other equipment.

4) Comes complete with a Voltmeter and 16A circuit breaker.

Internal Dimensions (Approx):335mm x 211mm x 210mm
External Dimensions (Approx):430mm x 350mm x 250mm

Ideal for almost all 12V batteries up to about 100Ah

V BOAT - Smart Battery Box

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