Self Tripping Anchor:
Don’t lose another anchor again!!!
Price includes free delivery to UK mainland (ask for islands and highlands).
The V BOAT unique design of self tripping anchor works like any normal anchor until it gets stuck.
If stuck simply slowly drive up above and uptide of the anchor and the attachment ring slides smoothly to the base of the anchor and pulls it out backwards from the snag easily.
Don’t lose anchors again!!!

Perfect for ribs, sibs and all small boats.


Specification and dimensions:
5kg ideal for boat to about 750kg and 6m in length
330mm wide
330mm fluke length
165mm depth between shafts
565mm total length


Also available are the components to custom build your complete anchoring kit.
Either loose for you to make your own kit or ready made up to be used immediately.
6mm shackles, 6mm chain, 10mm 3 strand polyester warp.
Made up kits include splicing the warp to the chain.
Splicing £5 extra
2Kg, 3Kg and 7Kg also available.
Just ask for details.


Note this anchor is perfect for those engaged in watersports such as fishing or diving.
If you plan to anchor across a slack tide then use of an appropriate amount of chain will help prevent the anchor from accidentally self tripping.

Always keep a good anchor watch.

Happy Boating

V BOAT - 5Kg Galvanised Self Tripping Anchor