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This spearfishing knife is an essential tool for any spearo to carry.
Not just for use while fishing, but also for personal safety whilst diving should you become entangled.

The 11cm 420 Stainless blade is super sharp and comes with a smooth slicing edge for fish cleaning cuts and also a saw like serrated blade for cutting rope, line and other tough objects.
Finished with a dagger point it covers all your underwater knife needs.

Supplied with a hard plastic sheaf and twin straps with buckles this knife can be strapped to your leg or arm whichever you prefer although we do suggest it is preferrable to attach it somewhere that can be reached by both hands should one become incapacitated.

The knife is held in place with a retaining rubber finger loop and carries the V BOAT logo.

Blade 11cm
Knife Overall: 21.8cm
Sheaved Length: 22.7cm

You must be 18 or over to order this knife.
By ordering this knife you are declaring that you are 18 or over and can legally purchase.

Spearfishing / Dive Knife - 11cm Blade

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