Ideal for air keel and air deck inflation where higher pressures are needed.

12V, 15PSI High Pressure Air Compressor.

This powerful compressor type pump is perfect for inflating any type of kayak or boat. A hose with multiple low pressure valves have been included for inflatable items that feature Boston, Mini Boston, Double Lock, Mini Double Lock and Pinch Valves. A high pressure hose is also included and the unit is compatible with any 12 DC outlet found in cars, motorhomes and motor boats.

There is no risk of over-inflation with thanks to the built-in pressure control unit, select between PSI, BAR and kPa units. The device switches off once the pre-selected pressure has been reached. The ergonomic handle provides ease of use and makes transportation much friendlier.



  • 190 litres, airflow per minute
  • Dimensions: 20 x 19cm
  • Pressure control
  • Low pressure hose included
  • High pressure hose included
  • Valve adapters included

High Pressure Air Pump (12v)

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