Pharmaceuticals, Medical Kits,  Medical Equipment, Telemedicine & Medical Training

Due to our unique background that sits within the leisure yacht and commercial maritime sectors TB Maritime has forged an unusual business alliance with which to service cruising yachts, superyachts, commercial shipping and their insurers with a specialist range of high end telemedicine services, medical kits, pharmaceuticals and equipment.

Maritime Pharmaceutical Solutions

ANP Pharma are able to supply everything from complete kits in accordance with MSN1768, to bespoke equipment to suit your operational or cruising needs to replenishment or a simple on board kit audit.

At ANP Pharma we have many years experience in pharmaceutical wholesale to many markets, but specifically marine and maritime. 

Prices are wholesale and not inflated for the sector so please do ask if you need any help or support.


A superb medical kit is only as good as the medic or first aider using it and so we also provide all manner of maritime medical training using our very highly skilled and recommended MCA maritime trainers.

Even the best medic will need a second opinion or support and so we are able to also provide your yacht, ship, cruise line or fleet with one of the world's finest telemedicine services with clients operating in all oceans across the globe.

Contact us for any enquiries relating to medical equipment or pharmaceuticals:-
Telephone: +44(0)7724 504565


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