Overblue 52

Receiving her world premiere at Dusseldorf Boat Show 2018 the Overblue 52 turned many heads.

Traditionalists came to view out of curiosity and left nodding appreciatively, perhaps planning their next boat change.  
Looking around the huge show that is Dusseldorf Boat Show there really isn't anything of comparison.
The Overblue 52 offers near superyacht levels of living space at up to 120sqm, but she comfortably sits amongst the mid sized monohulls.  
It's hardly any wonder that people couldn't resist coming on board to satisfy their curiosity.

For any Overblue proponent that knows the Overblue 48 they will feel instantly familiar aboard the 52.
The same single level interior greets you as you step into the cockpit and on into the saloon and it won't be until you reach the owners terrace in front of the master cabin that you see the main interior change.
Where on the Overblue 48 the space is one to use for mooring up on the 52 it also now becomes a space quiet time away from your guests.  The owners terrace is now somewhere that becomes a whole additional living space, room for a foldaway table and directors chairs.  Somewhere to watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee or perhaps the sunset with your favourite Bordeaux.
On the flybridge little has changed.  It is still enormous, still tailored to your needs, still your choice where and how your helm should be, but right at the forward edge a little more security has been added with additional mouldings to help the extended owners terrace.

To accommodate this new space at the bow the Overblue 52 has taken a step up to join her larger sisters.  A third "hull" is now incorporated into the bow exactly as in the Overblue 58 and Overblue 68.
Calling this "nacelle", as it may be known in aviation, a hull is a little misleading as it never actually sits fully in the water.  Instead it is used in rougher weather to help slice the waves apart and prevent the "sneezing" that catamarans can sometimes be known for.
This third hull improves ride and efficiency on choppier days. 
We feel it also adds a very classy look to the appearance of the Overblue 52.


LENGTH OVERALL                         15,01 m / 49,25 ft

HULL LENGTH                                14,96 m / 49,08 ft

BEAM                                                5,40 m / 17,72 ft

LIGHT DISPLACEMENT           18.000 Kg / 39.700 lb

AIR DRAFT                 3,70 - 5,10 m / 12,14 - 16,73 ft

DRAFT                                                   1,60 m / 5,2 ft

FUEL CAPACITY                          1200 l / 317 US gal

WATER CAPACITY                         840 l / 222 US gal

MAX ENGINE POWER                       2x330 Hp (opt.)

MAX SPEED                                      20 Kn @ 330 Hp

CE CATEGORY                                  B for 22 People

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