Overblue 48

So you thought the Overblue 44 was spacious.
With a full extra metre of beam, all of which is used the Overblue 48 adds nearly 50% more living space bringing the total to up to 115sqm.

Few 75' monohulls will offer the level of space found on the Overblue 48 yet you will be laughing as you hand over your berth renewal fee knowing that your mooring costs a fraction of your neighbours.  Moreover marinas will usually find space for your sub 50' boat, but cruising in a 75' can take some very careful planning.

Offering all that the Overblue 44' does, but with added space in which to relax - or for that matter party - the Overblue 48 brings comfort to the fore allowing you to destress and wind down meaning that when you do sadly have to step ashore you are ready for whatever life chooses to throw at you.

Relaxing, partying, cruising, holidaying, chartering... What do you want to do with your Overblue 48?


LENGTH OVERALL                            13,90 m / 45,60 ft

HULL LENGTH                                   13,25 m / 43,47 ft

BEAM                                                   5,40 m / 17,72 ft

LIGHT DISPLACEMENT              16.000 Kg / 35.300 lb

AIR DRAFT                     3,70 - 5,10 m / 12,14 - 16,73 ft

DRAFT                                                      1,60 m / 5,2 ft

FUEL CAPACITY                             1200 l / 317 US gal

WATER CAPACITY                            840 l / 222 US gal

MAX ENGINE POWER                          2x330 Hp (opt.)

MAX SPEED                                         19 Kn @ 330 Hp


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