What's extraordinary?
Just take a look!


It's fair to say that for a traditional boater Overblue does take a little getting used to.  But, wait a minute, take another look and take a moment to appreciate how you really use your boat.

Few of us really cruise oceans despite believing that we are the saltiest of sea dogs.
All of us complain about a lack of practical space and how many wish our boats were more efficient?

Take a deep breath, take a closer look and then prepare to realign your thinking.

The truth is we love our boats with a passion and whilst we believe we are ocean adventurers we spend much of our time enjoying time on the mooring.  Either our own private time getting away from our busy lives or socialising with friends, sometimes even partying.
When we do go cruising we typically stay within our favoured territories, cruising to our own special anchorages and bays.
A few times a year we may be adventurous enough to head off on holiday to exciting new locations and we play out our salty sea dog dreams whilst on passage, before continuing with the peace and quiet or the partying on arrival at our wonderful new destination.

Overblue are all RCD CE Category B cruising catamarans.  They are not speed boats, but they cruise beautifully at high displacement and typical semi displacement speeds with surprisingly fast sprint speeds meaning that good progress is always made whilst on passage.

Overblue uses a displacement hull for each catamaran pontoon which in turn means absolute minimum drag and therefore supreme efficiency right through the cruising speed range.

Catamarans traditionally offer incredibly flat rides in normal sea conditions meaning that comfort on board is enhanced over similar length monohulls.
Overblue go one step further by ensuring that all heavy machinery, tanks and ancillary equipment are fixed within the hulls which helps lower the centre of gravity and further improve ride.

Overblue are uniquely customisable at little or no extra cost.
Because the superstructure is modular you can request cabin layouts, shapes and sizes to suit your needs and with a great choice of colours, finishes and fabrics your Overblue is truly your very personalised home from home.

Talking of home from home, Overblue offer genuine apartment levels of space.  There is absolutely nothing that can come close to the level of living space inside and the flybridge is simply vast with a layout that can be designed around you.
The range starts at 44' offering 80sqm of living space and rises to the 68' with an incredible 220sqm of living space - more akin to the space found on a 95' to 100' monohull.

This space is offered in a beam that is barely or no wider than an equivalent monohull meaning that your berth should cost no more.

With cost in mind, due to the modular construction and without any reduction in quality an Overblue represents fabulous value when compared to her monohull competition.

Overblue 44'                        Up to 80sqm living space
Overblue 48'                        Up to 115sqm living space
Overblue 52'                        Up to 130sqm living space
Overblue 58                         Up to 150sqm living space
Overblue 58 Penthouse       Up to 150sqm living space
Overblue 68                         Up to 220sqm living space

Catamaran hull design reduces roll behaviour and eliminates pendulum effect which consequently results in more comfortable cruising and greater safety. This is of great importance when spending more time on your yacht.

Roll behaviour and pendulum effect
Fuel Efficiency

Overblue is a displacement power catamaran which makes it very fuel efficient due to lower hydrodynamic drag. Thin catamaran hulls also reduce the weight and displacement of the boat which results in better speed and again greater efficiency.

Lower Lateral Wind Sensitivity

With twin hulls in the water, hydrostatic drag of Overblue is higher compared to conventional flybridge monohull and thus reacts later and slower to lateral winds when maneuvering or anchoring.

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