What's Extraordinary?
Quality and Value!

Why buy an Excel Inflatable?

  • GRP / Fibreglass transom (Volante and Vanguard)

  • Fittings installed with reinforced fabric

  • Various colour options, many in stock

  • Lightweight aluminium thwarts (2 on 290 size and above) instead of a heavy wood or grp thwart

  • Full length reinforcement panels under both main tubes

  • Vanguard decks in anodised silver, grey or black aluminium

  • Our own dedicated factory facility where we are in control of quality and design which is why...

  • ...we offer a full five years comprehensive warranty on fabric and construction - the industries leading warranty

Excel offer a huge range of tenders, soft inflatable boats and rigid inflatable boats all at exceptional value and all with an industry leading five year warranty on both parts and construction. 
This warranty is not to be sniffed at when the industry standard is just two years.
But at Excel Boats we have worked hard to build a boat range of the highest quality and we are prepared to stand by our claims.

The range is extensive and covers just about every need from use as a yacht tender to inshore fishing, to family fun and even for professional use within safety, support, flood rescue and search and rescue.

Flexibility is key!  Choose your colour, many are in stock.  Even a new factory order is only about a 12 to 13 week lead time.
Is the boat not quite right? 
Then we can change the length, the tube sizes and in some circumstances even the beam.  Just ask.

Pair your boat to a smart new Suzuki engine that also comes with a five year warranty and if Suzuki is not your brand of choice we can also supply Yamaha, Mercury or Mariner (other brand by arrangement).

The Excel Boats range of SIBS (Soft Inflatable Boats) and RIBS (Rigid Inflatable Boats) is truly extensive.  Follow the links at the top of the page to find out more.
Alternatively, use the contact details below to get in touch.

Variane is our round tail inflatable.  Ideal for family fun, as a traditional tender or for inland and inshore fishing.  Available in 230 and 260 sizes the Variane also comes with a superb high press





Ventura also known as our Super Light range.  Why?  because it is super light.  The range extends from 200 to a four person 290 which weighs in at just 23Kg nearly half the weight of equivalent models.
The boat sports a reinforced bonded in air deck which subsequently forms the hull.  How is the weight saved?  Slightly smaller tubes and thinner, but still very tough Hytex fabric at 900 decitex is where most of the saving comes from.
As was once described by a customer, "I only want it to go the pub", the Ventura is an amazing pub boat, but she will also take the family to the beach, allow the children to learn basic handling, take you fishing on a calm day and allow you to explore the shallowest of bays and creeks whilst being light enough for one person to drag out of the water and pack it away easily at the end of the day.













Volante is where things step up a notch.  Big tubes, super wide beam, air keel and high pressure air deck are all features found on the Volante.
Super tough 1100 decitex Hytex fabric means that this is one tough inflatable and whilst the air deck means a considerable weight and space saving this modern high pressure deck is very rigid and very strong.  An extensive range from 160 to a huge 6 person 390 there is a Volante for nearly every occasion.






















Vanguard is the big gun.  Anyone who needs super tough, heavy duty, go anywhere performance needs a Vanguard.  As with the Volante the Vanguard has big tubes, a super wide beam and an air keel, but it also comes with a sectioned aluminium deck for increased rigidity.  Despite the Vanguard's super tough looks it still packs down surprisingly small.





















All Excel inflatables come with pressure relief valves, a superb stirrup pump, repair kit and a lightweight aluminium thwart (2 from 290 size and above) as standard in addition to an extensive options list and the all important five year warranty.

Key Features of Excel Inflatables

Pressure Relief Valve

GRP/ Fibreglass Transoms

“Hytex” Fabric– 1100 Decitex

Low Profile Flush Fitting Valves

Pressure Equalising Diaphragms

Towing “D” Rings, 4 x Reinforced

All Stainless Steel Fittings, no Plastic

Low Profile Double Reinforced Seams

Captive Row-Locks with Integral Cleats

Fittings Installed with Re-enforced Fabric

4x Davit Lifting Points on Tender Models

Self Bailing Valve, Internal Shutter Action

Various Fabric colours Available from Stock

Floor and Keel are Replaceable Components

No Exposed High Profile Longitudinal Seams

1 or 2 Aluminium Thwarts, 290 and up, Standard

Any Water Onboard Drains into Bilge Under Deck

Transom Splash Guards on Models from 3.3 metres up

Full Length Reinforcement Panels under Both Main Tubes

Vanguard Decks in Anodised Silver, Grey or Black Aluminium

5 years Comprehensive Warranty on Fabric and Construction

High Pressure Keel Forming RIB-Style “Gull-Wing” Deep Hull Profile

Unique Carrying Handles with Integral Cleats, on Inner Ends of Tubes

Integral Zig-Zag Drop-Stitch High Pressure Air Deck Affording both Lateral and Longitudinal Rigidity

Traditional Hand Laid Seam Construction Rather than the Welded Method Affords Greater Consistency and Reliability


We believe line items in red to be exclusive to Excel


Hytex Colour Choices are varied with many in stock.

Typical colours are Light Grey, Navy Blue, Red or Black, but the choice is wide







Our Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RIB) range is equally remarkable:-


Modern Hytex fabric is excellent for daily use.  It's tough and hard wearing and easy to repair should you one day damage it.
However traditionalists and for those using their ribs in hot climates we do recommend Achilles hypalon which is available on all ribs at extra cost.
Achilles hypalon colour choice is also very varied.
We do not recommend darker colours in hot climates as they will radiate heat, but the choice is yours.














Virago ribs are built to the same exacting standards as our inflatables and come with many of the same features and, of course, the same superb warranty.

Super light and super tough due to the pressed aluminium hull with an extensive range running from just 240 through to 520 length overall.
Equally bespoke they are the ultimate in superyacht "pub boat" or a fabulous family beach boat.  Also perfect for light commercial duties Virago come into a class all of their own.
Choose to have a base boat, sports boat jockey seats or luxury tender seats.  Choose to have a folding transom to reduce storage space as a tender.  Choose Hytex or Hypalon.
Choose the tube colour.
Choose to change the length or even the beam.



























Vantage ribs are Excel Boats fully commercial range.  Built for the toughest of jobs in tough environments Vantage are the craft of choice for SAR, Military and Commercial roles the world over.

Built from 4mm or optional 5mm welded aluminium with your choice of tube material and an infinitely customisable options list including a-frames, towing systems, self righting systems, seating choices, an array of electronics, single or twin engines installations Vantage can be built to your exacting needs and at remarkably good value.

Available in 6m, 6.5m and 7.5m length overall as standard, but customisable to suit.


Verano is the latest range from Excel Boats.  Welded aluminium centre console sport fisher models.  Tough and dependable in sizes 480, 530, 580 and 630.
Purposeful and equipped with everything the leisure angler and commercial rod and line angler could need without compromising on seakeeping and comfort.  Fast and sporty with crisp handling Verano may be the new girl on the sport fishing scene, but she is sure to turn a few heads and catch plenty of fish.




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