Welcome to TB Maritime, based in Lymington, Hampshire, the UK.
Established in 2017 as the UK sales agent for the remarkable Rafnar range of tactical craft, originally from Iceland.  We now provide a consultancy service to Rafnar UK Limited, the exclusive UK builder for these amazing vessels.

If you have visited looking for Rafnar, please retype, www.rafnar.co.uk into your browser.

Our background is diverse and from across the fast craft, marine leisure and superyacht sectors of the marine industry.
But, we have evolved beyond consultancy and now also include our own brand, V BOAT.
V BOAT is the trademarked brand name for our own range of leisure products, developed and sold by us.
Primarily boat related (the hint is within the name), we also include a small and growing range of outdoor products too.
Take a look at our V BOAT shop to see what may take your fancy and don't forget to return from time to time to see what new items we have added.

V BOAT products are aimed at the owner of small boats who like to use them similarly to us.
V BOAT is about stuff that we like to use doing what we love doing.
Fun with the family, fishing, diving, a day out...  Some of our products can be used on camping trips or for other land based activities too, so use your imagination and make your leisure life more comfortable with V BOAT.

If you have found your perfect product, but want to spread the cost, take a look at Pegasus Marine Finance.  Details in our services section.  TB Maritime is not a finance provider and does not offer finance directly, but Pegasus may well be able to assist.

Tel:     +44(0)7724 504565
Email: sales@tbmaritime.com